Indian students get half-price access to Australian universities at GIFT city

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  • 10/11/2023

Indian students get half-price access to Australian universities at GIFT city

Source: TechGig

In a major win for Indian students seeking global education opportunities, two leading Australian universities have opened international branch campuses at Gujarat’s GIFT City financial hub with fees nearly 50% lower than studying in Australia.

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan welcomed Deakin and Wollongong universities to GIFT City this week, emphasizing that internationalization is crucial for India’s future growth. Under the visionary National Education Policy 2020, India aims to elevate its educational standards by collaborating with elite global institutions.

Deakin and Wollongong are making history as the first universities worldwide to open foreign campuses in India. Starting July 2024, Indian students can access the same degrees at almost half the cost by studying at the GIFT City branches instead of travelling abroad.  

Minister Pradhan stressed that global cooperation in education builds bridges between nations and exposes students to novel ideas and prospects. With India’s economy and young workforce rapidly expanding, partnerships with countries like Australia are vital for developing innovation ecosystems in emerging areas like climate technology.

The Australian Education Minister highlighted the unique nature of the India-Australia collaboration, which goes beyond student mobility to involve campuses rooted in India. Numerous Indian graduates of Australian universities are already catalysing India’s growth.

The new campuses will energize GIFT City’s development into an international finance hub. Deakin is launching coursework in cybersecurity and business analytics, while Wollongong is establishing a global women’s fintech centre. Over the next decade, GIFT City plans major expansions in commercial, residential and entertainment zones.

With top global curriculums on their doorstep at half the price, the future looks bright for Indian students dreaming of world-class education and opportunities. The India-Australia educational partnership is enriching talent pools on both sides and charting a more interconnected world.

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