GIFT City To Get Its Own TP Scheme

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  • 16/12/2023

GIFT City To Get Its Own TP Scheme

Source: Ahmedabad Mirror

Central Business District In GIFT City To Be Developed As Economic Hub With Domestic Tariff Area And Special Economic Zone; Street Network Of 104 Km, 10% Green Cover, Abode For 8L People Also On Cards

PM Modi’s pet project, Gujarat’s GIFT City near Gandhinagar, is set to break new ground with an exclusive town planning scheme (TPS). The development plan, announced on Friday by the state Urban Development department, encompasses an extensive area of 3,430 acres, integrating five surrounding villages – Shahpur, Ratanpur, Lavarpur, Pirojpur and Valad – alongside GIFT City’s core 886-acre region. 

According to insider reports, the government intends to restrict building heights to about 25 metres in the area adjoining GIFT City, an expanse of roughly 2,300 acres primarily under private ownership. This decision contrasts with previous reports suggesting the possibility of higher structures around GIFT City’s Central Business District (CBD) to create a striking skyline.

A high-ranking source within GIFT City said, “With the development plan announced today, we’re giving a two-month window for stakeholders to submit objections and suggestions. Following this, we will finalize the TPs, which promise to be innovative.”

Buildings only up to 25 m height to be allowed

The official further explained, “Under the town planning act, we are modifying the TPS for the GIFT region to allow buildings only up to 25 metres in height. The TP will have many other features, unlike the usual TPS in Gujarat.”

In the heart of GIFT City, termed the central business district (CBD), the height ceiling for all projects remains at a lofty 120 metres. The surrounding zones, governed by the GIFT Urban Development Authority (GIFT UDA), will not only face a height limit but will also gain from increased ground coverage for their final plots.

The development plan proposes a deduction rate of about 45 percent for the area, slightly higher than the standard 40 percent mandated by the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act. Notably, developers will not be required to allocate margin area on the ground floor for additional amenities, enabling more extensive utilization of the available space.

The presentation on Friday projects a population of 1 million inhabiting GIFT City’s 3,430-acre expanse within the next decade. This growth will pave the way for a mixed development of approximately 200 million sq ft, blending residential and commercial spaces.

Enhancing Urban Life

Gift City’s urban design promises an improved quality of life with:

◼️ Road widths ranging from 18 to 45 metres

◼️ Accessible parks and gardens within a five-minute walk

◼️ Tree-lined streets with sitting areas

◼️ Diverse transportation modes for seamless city mobility

◼️ A comprehensive 104 km street network

◼️ 10% of the area is dedicated to green spaces

◼️ Mixed-use development for a population of 1 million

◼️ Commitment to preserve natural resources

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