India will bid to host 2036 Olympics, PM Modi confirms

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  • 16/10/2023

India will bid to host 2036 Olympics, PM Modi confirms

Source: The Hindu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that India wants to host the 2036 Summer Olympics. He said the country is very excited about this big sports event and will work hard to make it happen.

If India wins the bid, it will be the fourth Asian country to host the Games.

“India is looking forward to hosting the Olympics and we will do our best to organise the 2036 Olympics. It is a dream and a goal of 140 crore Indians,” Mr. Modi said, announcing the bid before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting.

He did not say which city in India would host the Games. He also said that India wants to host the 2029 Youth Olympics and hopes to get support from the IOC. The IOC meeting is happening in India after 40 years.

He said that sports are significant for Indian culture and life. He said: “When you go to the villages of India, you will see that every festival has some sports. Indians love sports and live with sports.”

He said that sports have no losers, only winners and learners. He said that sports have a common language and spirit. He said that sports are not just a competition, but a way to grow as humans. “Sports also make us feel that we are one earth, one family, one future.”

He also talked about some recent steps to improve sports in India. He mentioned the Khelo India Games, Khelo India Youth Games, Khelo India Winter Games, Member of Parliament sports competitions, and the upcoming Khelo India Para Games. He said: "We are making sports more inclusive and diverse in India." He also said that India is doing very well in international events.

He also talked about the long history of sports in India. He said that India has a rich sports heritage from the Indus Valley civilization to the Vedic period to later times.

He said that ancient books mentioned 64 skills, including sports like horse riding, swimming, archery, and wrestling. He said that people were encouraged to master these skills. He showed some scientific proof of this old sports heritage of India. He mentioned the Dholavira UNESCO World Heritage site in Gujarat and the sports facilities found in this 5000-year-old city.

He said that during digging, two stadiums were found, one of them being the oldest and biggest stadium in the world at that time. He also said that in Rakhigarhi, some sports-related structures were found. “This sports heritage of India belongs to the whole world,” he said. He also said that things are changing fast for sports in India.

He said that sports are not just for winning medals but for winning hearts and for everyone. He said that sports also help us to have peace, progress, and wellness. He said: “Therefore, sports are another way of bringing the world together.”

He opened the session with IOC President Thomas Bach and member Nita Mukesh Ambani.

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